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• Working Together

During the initial stages of working together, Lynda will help her executive student discover their own uniqueness and personality traits using her four quadrant professional development model. The four quadrant model consists of

  • Unique ability
  • Excellence (strengths)
  • Competent
  • Incompetent

This system helps identify where the executive currently is in relation to where they want to be at strategic points in time (1 year, 3 year, 5 year etc…).

Executives have a unique personality and make up as unique as a fingerprint. There are no cookie cutter ways to solve any situation, only tools to identify each set of circumstances. Lynda designs an executive coaching program for each of her students that fits not only their set of circumstances but also fits their learning curve.

• Lynda does not work with everyone!

After the initial call, Lynda may recognize that she is not the best coach for that executive. This is not a negative situation at all! In fact, often times Lynda will refer the executive to another coach more appropriate to the executives set of circumstances.

In addition, in some cases the executive’s organization or industry may be limited in thinking or the executive not suited for that organization because of limitations or restrictions. Having “the fit” with a coach is very important!

• Expectations

The executive, the organization and the coach must enter the relationship by defining and understanding each others expectations. During the initial screening interview Lynda will help you assess the issues at hand as well as strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved that will be addressed during the coaching process as well as the tools that will be required to assist the growth of the executive.

Lynda McDermott

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