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Are you a meeting planner looking for a keynote speaker who can entertain and inspire corporate or association audiences or a corporate manager looking for a half-day workshop that will improve the effectiveness of your teams? Then know that we specialize in customized keynote speeches designed to get bottom line results for organizations just like yours!

Whatever your agenda is - leadership, team development, career/professional development – Lynda McDermott can customize an engaging keynote or workshops that will leave audiences armed with real-world wisdom that works!

The secret to Lynda's success is the time and effort she puts into researching your group's unique needs and designing a program that delivers only the desired results! Contact us today to find out how Lynda can deliver a custom keynote or workshop for your next event! Click here to book Lynda!

Here are a few of her most requested keynote topics:

• The Leader's Legacy
• The Courage to Sell Your Difference
• World Class Teams: Build a Bridge -- Extend a Hand
• It Takes a Dream to Build a Team!
• The Secrets of Women Lawyers Who Sell... Well!

The Leader's Legacy

Whether you realize it or not, you are leaving a leadership legacy today. But do you know what it is? What words do people use to describe your leadership style? What stories do they tell to define the culture you have created? This provocative presentation will cause you to think about the legacy you are creating during your tenure as a leader. Lynda's thought-provoking stories and interactive exercises will show you how to assess the personal impact you're having on the people you lead and evaluate the experiences and major decisions that have shaped who you are as a leader. You will gain the insights you need to determine if the leadership legacy you want to leave for the future is the one you are living today.

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The Courage to Sell Your Difference

Do you have a calling card or just a business card? Are you just serving your clients or customers or are you cultivating loyalists? Do you just show up every day or are you trying to make a real difference? In this stirring presentation, Lynda speaks to the hearts of people who make their living from selling products and services to others. Anyone who sells knows that it is a job that has exhilarating highs and soul-wrenching lows. Lynda helps her audience to find their unique ability that will help them differentiate themselves from the competition and motivate them to courageously take the steps necessary for personal growth and success.

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World Class Teams: Build a Bridge – Extend a Hand

Lynda McDermott has worked with over 1000 teams in 25 countries, and is the co-author of the best-selling book World Class Teams. She knows how to get even the most diverse groups seeing eye-to-eye for success. In this interactive program, she addresses one of the biggest challenges facing global organizations in the 21st century: how to build high-performance teams working with people from different cultures and different functions. Using interactive exercises as prompts for discussion, Lynda teaches you how to appreciate and leverage the diversity of your teams, look beyond surface differences to find common ground, understand cultural influences and how they match up with your own, and extend a hand in building a collaborative relationship with cross-functional, cross-cultural team members. You'll gain essential insights on how to capitalize on the cultural synergy of your world class team.

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It Takes a Dream to Build a Team!

The best teams stretch together to accomplish more than they dreamed they could. They empower themselves to use their individual unique talents in a way that maximizes their natural brilliance and productivity. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. This dynamic presentation introduces you to an innovative approach that will help you drive teamwork and goal achievement in your organization. You will learn how some of the top businesses and sports teams in the world capitalize on the individual and diverse talents of their people, while at the same time overcoming the conflict that can arise over personality and ego clashes. You'll get a chance to identify some common goals and guidelines that will help your people work as a team, and leave with immediately useful insights and techniques from one of the country's top team consultants.

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The Secrets of Women Lawyers Who Sell... Well!

Today women lawyers face the challenge of balancing the demands at work for both client billable hours and new business development. And they are asking the question: "Do I really have to do drinks, dinner and play golf (like so many of my male colleagues do) to be successful at getting new clients?" In this revealing and motivating presentation, McDermott speaks about what successful women lawyers believe and do to excel at building strong client relationships and gaining visibility and credibility in their marketplace. Lynda helps both young Associates and aspiring Partners find their unique "calling" in their field of law that will help them differentiate themselves from the competition, develop trusting relationships with their clients, and motivate them to courageously take the steps necessary for professional success!

To learn more about customizing a powerful workshop or seminar for your organization, contact Lynda and her team today at 212-421-1645 or 813- 415-3664.

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