Executive Teams Take to the High Seas

Teams can chart their course in a variety of settings? Even while navigating an America's Cup racing yacht. EquiPro's OnBoard™ Teambuilding brings team members together to learn the art of teamwork through the art of sailing. This innovative program allows groups of executives to examine their team issues, sharpen their team skills and test themselves against specific performance goals, all under challenging conditions where teamwork is essential. It is no surprise that many successful large yachts have been owned and operated by senior executives who attribute their racing victories to the same characteristics that make them successful business leaders.

Now is the time to plan an OnBoard™ excursion and let EquiPro reserve the best sailing vessel for your team. The program makes use of top-flight racing yachts designed for the professional racing circuit, including the prestigious America's Cup competition. No nautical experience necessary! A professional crew will perform the essential functions, with executive teammates working as part of the crew. Day-long or half-day outings can originate from various locations from Maine, Newport, New York, the Chesapeake Bay, Charleston, Florida, or further south to the Caribbean. If you have specific starting points in mind, talk with us about what arrangements can be made.


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