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Our History

EquiPro International, Ltd. is an international management consulting firm, headquartered in New York, NY. Established in 1987, the company specializes in Leadership, Team and Business Development programs.

EquiPro’s services include consulting, seminars, coaching and keynote speeches for Fortune 500 corporations and medium size companies in multiple industries including pharmaceutical/ biotech, media/ publishing and professional services firms.

Key Values and Operating Principles

The notion that organizational leadership relies on one individual is unrealistic and unworkable today. We must foster a shared leadership culture at every level of the organization and make effective use of teams to address complex, constantly changing business needs.

Developing effective leaders is part of a leader's job. Although demand for effective leaders is high, the supply is dangerously low. Organizations must define their leadership needs in highly specific terms and devise and implement leadership development strategies that are directly linked to their overall competitive business strategies.

Teams are not just another management fad. Developing true high-performance teams can effectively leverage organizational resources and yield breakthrough results. When a critical business or performance challenge requires a team structure, a significant investment in team development is essential.

Successful teams focus on the fundamentals. High performance teamwork requires relentless attention to learning and continually enhancing the basic skills and processes that keep team members in peak condition. Failing to learn, practice and master the fundamentals of the game is how you wind up losing the game.

Loyalty is an element that will define and differentiate organizational excellence. Successful companies seek to build and sustain the loyalty of not only their customers and suppliers, but, most important, their employees. And to gain loyalty, they must inspire trust—the fuel that sparks deep commitment and positive contributions.

A finished leader is a finished leader. The most successful leaders we have worked with regularly ask themselves this question: "How do I need to learn and change to get the results I want?" They model the values and behaviors they want from others and cultivate organizations of people who take responsibility, aspire to learn and grow and consistently demonstrate integrity and honesty.

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