What results are you trying to achieve?

All of our work at EquiPro begins with some form of that question. Yet rarely is the question easily answered. It takes some digging. It requires helping you describe your goals and aspirations, and taking an honest look at where you are today. And it means getting past a host of reasons, excuses and stories about what's stopping you on the path to the future you want.

Put in the simplest terms, our job at EquiPro is to help people figure out what they want and how to get it. We partner with organizations, teams, or individuals to clarify their vision and their goals; identify forces that are keeping them from realizing their potential; assess the competencies needed to achieve their vision; then guide them toward that vision in a practical and manageable way.

There's nothing esoteric in our approach to development. We've worked side by side with business leaders in some 40 countries to bring leadership out of the clouds and down to earth. We've shown every team we have helped to launch and develop that it's no accident the word "work" is in "teamwork." High performance stems from a high level of commitment, accountability and competency. That's what makes world-class results possible.

In keeping with our own set of key values and guiding principles, EquiPro is learning and changing, too. In this past year, we have added staff and capabilities that will enable us to further extend the reach of our services. We listened to our clients' requests and are expanding our services in such areas as executive leadership team development, emotional intelligence coaching for individuals and groups, and entrepreneurial business development. We are broadening our senior-level network of Associate Consultants. In addition, we offer conference and meeting planners a variety of top-notch keynote speeches.

After being in the organizational development business now for almost thirty years, I continue to be tremendously excited by and to marvel at the resilience of individuals and organizations who seek to continuously learn in this turbulent business environment. Our EquiPro consultants serve as both teachers and students as we work in close collaboration with our clients. We are proud of our commitment to craft with them customized solutions that will achieve measurable results.

Let us hear from you!

Lynda C. McDermott, CSP


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