Excellence in Practice: EquiPro and Pfizer

Groundbreaking efforts in global team development have earned the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group and EquiPro International an "Excellence in Practice Citation" from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). This citation is presented in recognition of a new practice that has contributed to the quality of the training, learning and performance improvement field. Awarded practices are recognized as continuing to increase the industry's capacity to contribute to workforce quality and organizational competitiveness.

The Excellence in Practice awards and citations are given annually through the ASTD, a premier professional association with over 70,000 members worldwide, and the ASTD Benchmarking Forum, a consortium founded as a venue for large organizations to share best practices. This citation is based on a training and consulting initiative, "Team Development System for High-Performance Global Teams," created and implemented by Nolan Brawley, Pfizer's Associate Director of Pharmaceutical Development & Training, and Lynda McDermott and William Waite, principals of EquiPro International.

The Team Development System was launched in 1995 to address the growing need to better leverage Pfizer's organizational resources and tap the full potential of those who serve on teams in effect, to transform "working groups" into true high-performance teams. With its long history as a multinational company, Pfizer recognizes the mandate to successfully manage across country borders, while also breaking down functional walls within the organization. In short, global team development is viewed as a competitive business strategy.

In particular, the Team Development System addresses the unique challenges of professionals and managers who must work in cross-functional and/or cross-cultural teams, especially "remote teams" whose team members are geographically scattered. Taking a comprehensive and strategic view toward global teambuilding, the system provides the tools, competencies, structures and new methods of working needed to unleash team competencies and integrate teams around clearly defined business and performance challenges.

A more detailed description of this award-winning practice can be found in Excellence in Practice (Volume 2). To order, call ASTD (1-800-628-2783).


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