EquiPro International Launches Series for Executive and Professional Women on Goal Setting for Life.

As women, we are constantly facing challenging demands in our personal and professional lives. This workshop allows women a chance to examine their goals (both short and long term), and prioritize, as well as develop a network of support to stay focused on a yearlong Plan of Action.

In February of 2003 EquiPro launched The Goals for Life Community™ for Women, a workshop series for professional and executive women that focuses on goal setting and goal achievement. It offers a unique way of thinking about your future and provides supportive tools for feedback and accountability.

The Goals for Life™ program is a three part series and is held approximately every 100 days.

For more information or to become involved with The Goals for Life Community™ for Women, please contact EquiPro at (212) 573 9046 or via e-mail at info@equiproint.com.


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