McDermott in The Miamian

The following is reprinted from The Miamian, Vol. 20, No. 2

The question isn't whether you will be a leader, but what kind, Lynda Green McDermott '72 told the Miami University (Ohio) Class of 2001 at the Senior Last Lecture. "The loyalty which will inspire others to follow your lead is born out of who you are at your core -- what your values are and the authenticity and congruence between your actions and your words."
In the shadows of Elliott and Stoddard halls, she discussed the power of character, courage, creating, caring, and choice. As head of her own management consulting firm, EquiPro, headquartered in New York City, Lynda understands leadership better than most. She advises those not sure about their leadership paths to stop worrying.

"Instead, start daydreaming, and say to yourself, 'If I ... had all the power I needed, where would I go, what would I do?' And then really, really listen to the whispers in your head -- the thoughts that wake you up in the night -- that is your soul talking."

As for caring, she cautioned, "You will not create or live your leadership legend or leave your legacy without the help and support of others. ... You will not build loyal teams without genuinely and authentically caring about others and giving of yourself to your organization, your community, to your family, to your friends."

Finally, choice. "Take a moment and mentally write down the two things you most want to do when you graduate. Now draw a line through the item you listed first. That is perhaps the one that others want you to do for them."

"Leadership requires working harder, working smarter, sometimes being ahead of the curve and taking an unpopular stand. It will take conviction and perseverance."


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