EquiPro International Launches Series for Executive and Professional Women on Goal Setting

As women, we are constantly facing challenging demands in our personal and professional lives. This workshop allows women a chance to examine their goals (both short and long term), and prioritize, as well as develop a network of support to stay focused on a yearlong Plan of Action.

In February of 2003 EquiPro launched The Goal Cultivator Community™ for Women, a workshop series for professional and executive women that focuses on goal setting and goal achievement. It is based on The Goal Cultivator™ process developed by The Strategic Coach, which offers a unique way of thinking about your future and provides supportive tools for feedback and accountability.

The Goal Cultivator Community™ for Women workshop is a four-part series and is held once a quarter.

For more information or to become involved with the Goal Cultivator Community™ for Women, please contact EquiPro at (212) 573 9046 or via e-mail at info@equiproint.com.


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