Caught in the Middle:
How to Survive & Thrive in
Today's Management Squeeze

With middle managers losing their jobs in unprecedented numbers and with bleak employment prospects, Caught in the Middle sets forth the skills they need to succeed in the chaos and uncertainty of corporate life today. Aimed at managers who fear losing their jobs as well as those who already have, author Lynda C. McDermott spells out concrete steps through which they can avoid becoming corporate dinosaurs and take charge of their careers. The book is packed with insights, guidance and practical strategies to help middle managers revitalize their role in the organization, maximize their value-added contributions, and gain satisfaction from their work.

In recent years, the role of middle managers in our organizations has been dramatically and permanently altered. You'll learn why the middle management success formulas of the past won't work in today's "leaner and meaner" organizational structures. You'll also learn how to develop the concrete skills needed to meet the changing demands, expectations and pressures that middle managers now face. Here's just a sample of what this comprehensive guide contains:

Key strategies you can use to enhance your visibility and credibility among those who can influence your success
Proven tactics to help you create a long-term vision for your part of the organization, increase staff productivity and morale, and achieve impressive business results
Eight important ways to make office politics work for you, not against you
Simple techniques that will help you expand your own power base and make yourself indispensable to the company
Time-tested ideas for forging strategic alliances with upper management and becoming a master teacher and role model for your staff

Caught in the Middle (Prentice-Hall, 1992) was featured as a Newbridge Executive Book Club Selection and remains an invaluable tool for helping managers to lead from a position of influence and information and give the organization exactly what it needs and values—the ability to build relationships, solve problems and produce results.

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